Monday, May 2, 2011

Random..... by Miranda

Sunshine Laboratory Service - Sakina

Arusha Diesel Service - Sakina

Vision Tailoring and Fashion Shop - Sakina

Obama - at the Traffic Lights

Mama Joel Tailoring - Monduli

Mama Light Tailoring - Monduli

Miss Africa Beauty Boutique 

Msimbazi Inn - Karatu

Signwriters - Ilboru

Church on road to Kilimanjaro Airport


  1. What a tiny church! And does Msimbazi mean anything? Did you ever go there to eat in the inn? What do they serve? Always more questions with each picture. Would they allow you to take photos from INSIDE their shops?
    I loved the dress of that lady in green and yellow - almost looking Brazilian.
    Has it rained lately?

  2. great fotos ---- i have to know what kind of business is sunshine laboratory service?