Saturday, April 9, 2011

the road from A Town to Karatu in april by janelle

tinga tinga and shukas. mto wa mbu. 05.04.11

symmetry. sorta. outside karatu. 05.04.11

lake manyara from the view point on the road to karatu. 05.04.11

two piki pikis near karatu. 05.04.11

binde shop. 05.04.11

a mitumba stall....somewhere on the road. 05.04.11


  1. Piki piki? Tinga tinga?
    The clothes stall looks much like the ones at the Polish market.
    Are you all right, Janelle? Someone was worried about you. Take care, Geli

  2. piki piki = motorbike
    tinga tinga is the art particular to tanzania. (ie: lots of people copy each other)
    and i have never been finer! don;t you hate it when someone says they're worried about you? gad. would love to know who.....? x j