Monday, January 10, 2011

A Town January by Janelle

Chadema Supporters. A Town. 05 January 2011. (pic off F. Makange's FB page)

Chadema Leaders. A Town. 05 January 2011 (pic off F. Makange's FB page)

High Street Mitumba. A Town. 03 January 2011.

Street Games. Mbauda. A Town. 03 January 2011.

Kali Mama. Market central A Town. 03 January 2011.

Washing Day. Kisongo. A Town. December 2010.


  1. Asante for all these photos; they stir me up!

  2. I love Kali Mama and daughter, In fact, I once had a skirt like that. But I never learned to carry anything on my head without it falling off the next minute. Admiration, Mama!
    Beautiful, interesting pictures. So different from here.

  3. karibu sana mama shujaa! lakini - sasa hapa mjini ni saa mbaya. iko shida kabisa....i didn't post ALL the pictures...things are rumblin' this side...tutaona (? my swahili grammar is rubbish. please excuze. nijaribu tu!)...salaams your side eh? xxx j

    thanks for the comment geli...that little girl was bawling her eyes out!!! and mama was just shouting at her...shame man! and balancing the bucket on her head at the same time. love x j