Saturday, January 22, 2011

oh just thangs by janelle

Multi Tasking Bus (election posters, chicken transport and people) A Town.

Waya Salon. Near Kisongo (Tarangire side) A Town.

Mud Guards For Africa. Mbauda. A Town.

Supa Loaf Please. Kisongo. A Town.

Headin' Home. Nairobi Road. A Town.

The Yellow House At The Bottom Of The Hill - Mateves. A Town .


  1. Such a pretty yellow house. And a luxury bus. We have a bright red house around the corner, must send you the picture. I like coloured houses. Your pink one is so nice, too!

  2. is supa loaf good? these photos are fun to look at.well done!

  3. Asante sana once again. Nilikuwa Arusha last in June 2008 kwenye mkutano wa ATA. Visited Ngorongoro. Na my cousin anaishi huko; I love the photos.