Monday, January 3, 2011

God Is Magic by Janelle

Jesus poster seller, Arusha mainstreet. A Town. January 2011.

Daladala. Main street, Arusha. A Town. January 2011.

On The Edge. Oldonyo Sambu, northern Maasailand. Near A Town. January 2011.

Magic Of God daladala. Ngaramtoni Juu. A Town. January 2011.

Development. Ngaramtoni Juu. A Town. January 2011.

Little church. Oldonyo Sambu, northern Maasailand. Near A Town. January 2011.


  1. that poster seller! and 'Development' !
    your views are amazing

  2. Love the blue-roofed church photo.

  3. i love this post. thank you for starting this blog. i've never been to africa (well, egypt, but that's not africa really.....) and it's nice to have a glimpse inside its big beating heart.

  4. Hello,
    I've just discovered this beautiful photo blog. I was in Arusha for a trip in Tanzania 2 years ago, so many memories come back.
    but, i'm a little frustrated, it was a typical tourist ride, and, in Arusha, we can't walk free in the street, alway in a land rover, watching people behimd a windshell...
    I promise myself to come back in Tanzania with better conditions. I was here the first time to discover Tanzanian's fantastic faunae & florae, next time i want to discover & meet people.
    You can see a little part of the pictures i've made, streets photos are from Arusha & nearby.


  5. ( Daladala are the little vans & buses : )

  6. merci arno! your pictures are stunning...these are taken really quickly...a snap in time...but still. they are meant to just capture the scene with not too much thought in a passing image from a x janelle