Saturday, December 18, 2010

more roadside attractions by janelle

big sky country, maasailand, west meru. outside A Town. December 2010.

sideboy roaring across ngaserai plain on nairobi road. outside A Town. December 2010.

muscle man in the rain near old sokwe and TANAPA. A Town. December 2010.

cattle crossing outside mohammed's petrol station. A Town. December 2010.

lady in rain and shady accessories. mbauda. A Town. December 2010.

trusting fate. near coffee lodge. A Town. December 2010.


  1. I absolutely love your photos. How do you manage to shoot through the windscreen without glare and reflections? Any tips?

  2. thanks barbara...nope. no tricks. you just have to point and press...and quickly too before the moment has passed!? sometimes i add some shadow to the shots afterwards. i take heaps so just choose the best one. i shoot with a cannon G 10. they're really good little cameras...x j

  3. i am loving this new blog! well done and your photos are fab - full of colour and life - like your writing. Love the tailgate prayer - inshallah indeed xx