Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas From A Town by Janelle

Maasai Christmas Stars. A Town. 22 December 2010.

African Snow! Back road near Sikh Temple. A Town. December 2010.

Chocolate Temptations. Shopright. A Town. December 2010.

Sally's Swings. Mateve. A Town. 24 december 2010.

Mother Mary passing ISM. A Town. 22 December 2010.

blue christmas star. A Town. 19 December 2010.


  1. hey, thank you guys for starting this blog! pics are awesome! i really want to come to a-town..always have since i started reading your blogs...i grew up in port moresby, papua new guinea...i feel some familiarity when i see these photos. keep blogging...merry xmas

  2. asante sana mama shujaa and happy christmas to you too! xx j

    christmas greetings from A Town to you, Lisa and thank you for your kind words. x j